My weekly guilty pleasure

Going downhill?

My weekly guilty pleasure has to be X factor. This year- I was unsure about whether I would watch it or not. After missing the first few episodes of auditions I decided to give it a pass- because after all, lets be honest, auditions are the best part of any talent show. Watching others making a fool of themselves makes you feel better about yourself, because you know you would never subject yourself to that sort of humiliation. Nationwide humiliation, may I point out. So, anyway, like I was saying, I said wouldn’t watch it- but boredom took over one Saturday and my hand twitched towards the remote. Luckily I hadn’t missed all the audition episodes, so I still got my fair share of laughs. 

Ella Henderson  was definitely the highlight of the series. Her voice is pure heaven. She belongs on my list of names of voices that I could listen to endlessly along with Eva Cassidy, Adele…etc Plus, she was my age- making her AWESOME. When she went home I turned into one of the many viewers who believed the votes had been rigged.Something inside me died that day and I became almost certain that day that X factor would never return to its former glory. Well maybe I’ll be proven wrong, who knows…?


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