Happy Monday!

So… Margaret Thatcher, the UK’s only female prime minister, and the longest-serving prime minister (eleven years I think) is dead. RIP to her. She died ‘peacefully’ of a stroke the news has said. I was talking on WhatsApp to my friends today and was wondering, is it even possible to even die peacefully of a stroke? Maybe, although I strongly doubt it. She has always caused division among people. Many love her and many hate her. I mean, she did close down quite a bit of Britain’s coal mines- causing the breakdown of small communities and the loss of 20,000 jobs. On the other hand, she did save Britain’s economy and transformed our Education system. So…like I said, division.

R.I.P to you Maggie.

Today has been unproductive once again- damn you modern technology. Hopefully, the evening will not go to waste. The house phone has become my enemy over the last year. It used to just ring three times and then go to voice mail but now it continuously rings. Honestly, me and it are not on good terms. Every time it rings I ignore it and eagerly await the sweet silence that will follow when the ringing finally stops.

I wish I could be her and say this proudly…*sigh*

Check out my Square eyes section- I’ll be posting some more stuff this week. Some book reviews may also be coming your way. 🙂

On a serious note…

I was asked how I feel today about Transgender people, this wasn’t a random question, it was the topic of a talk show I was watching at the time. I think it’s so easy for people, especially for those that are Christians like me, to say what people should and shouldn’t do, when you yourself may have not been in that situation. So if you think it’s wrong and you don’t think the person should change their sex, what SHOULD they? Stay so unhappy that they eventually commit suicide and become another statistic? I don’t think so.

My thought on it all-  it’s a nuanced subject that requires education, empathy and understanding. Let’s continue to equip ourselves in these three areas since ignorance, hate and apathy only continues to hurt the trans community and we need to be the change.


Margaret Thatcher- (cropped) photo taken from wikipedia.org

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