Books,food…and random shizz

I’m gonna start on a good note today. The weather has been great! Dare I say it-but maybe spring is finally here! On Saturday while walking home with a friend I took a picture of these cherry blossoms (well I think they are anyway!)

Admit it, you like them :)
Captured wonderfully by my iphone camera

The pressure is on- exam season is next month and my college placement depends on my grades. So yes, I’ m feeling it.

I’m craving a swim, if that makes sense. I haven’t been for one in while and now I want to go more than ever. I don’t usually like going swimming by myself, but it is the best thing to do if you want to work and improve your swimming technique.

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to books. I love them! I can spend millions of hours in a library or bookstore and never get bored. I buy loads of books and once they’re in my possession I don’t want to throw them away. If you asked me which book I would like to throw away (as my mum often does), that would be the same as asking a mother which of her many children she loves the most- you just won’t get an answer because its impossible to decide! Yes, I have a kindle, but unlike many tend to think it does’t mean I favor using it over physically reading a book. I simply like kindles because they are easy,convenient and ebooks are cheaper.

Britain seems to be addicted to food. Every hour there seems to be a new cooking show on. Don’t get me wrong, I like food. But cooking to me is like singing to a lot of people- they like to do it but aren’t necessarily very good at it. I don’t mind watching food shows but sometimes it comes to the point where nothing is original anymore, everything is a rip off of another show somewhere. Plus I  find it  unproductive to be watching a one hour cooking show where the chef i cooking food I never will cook or eat in my life. Unfortunately I still watch them anyway. My favorite show on the food network is Man vs food. If you haven’t watched it- Check it out! Adam Richman is crazy awesome (awesome in a crazy way).

Adam discovers and conquers the weirdest meals out there.
Adam discovers and conquers the weirdest meals out there.

Don’t get me started on talent shows. Britain’s got talent started again recently. When I heard it was starting again I felt depressed. Every year it seems the talent in Britain is becoming harder to find. There are some people that come to audition and they’re so bad you just think ‘what the hell!?’. Clearly someone needs to go on to that show, with a dictionary and all, and remind people of the  actual definition of the word TALENT. But anyway…there were some hidden gems that I loved, so there is hope for Britain after all. The shows main competition is The Voice UK- which I like the concept of, but to be honest, last weeks episode failed to grip me.

Crikey- I’ve used the word ‘Britain’ quite a lot in this post. Hopefully you didn’t notice…


Man vs food image from-




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