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Hey everyone, today is a bank holiday so I’m just relaxing. I heard on the news that the Prime minister David Cameron has gone on holiday. Isn’t it nice to know we have such a dedicated leader? It’s essential I get the balance right between revision and leisure this week- easier said than done, espcially when you have so much time on your hands. I also seem to be suffering from a love of Ryan Gosling. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

So this weekend I watched about five or six films and I’ve decided to write a bit about each one.


Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is a gritty movie that centres on the breakdown of a marriage. The main characters of this film are Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling). No, not Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child- although if she was playing Cindy that would have certainly been interesting… Anyway, the film starts in the present and there are frequent flashbacks through out that show the audience how the couple first met.

Why should you watch this film? Well, it shows love in a realistic light, not like all these rom coms that flood the cinemas nowadays. Usually in romcoms the couple eventually get together and get married in the end, but we never get to see what happens after. This IS the after and this film proves that not all love stories have a happy ending.

The scene I loved the most was when Ryan Gosling was singing and playing the ukulele while Michelle Williams tapped danced outside a shop. It was cute and funny.

Pitch Perfect


One word for this film- EPIC. I loved it, it didn’t disappoint and definitely lived up to the hype surrounding it. Pitch Perfect is simply a feel-good comedy musical. Much of the comic relief is provided by comedian Rebel Wilson who plays ‘Fat Amy’.

I’m a big fan of acapella music, so the film appealed to me more than anything and as in said in my last post, I had been meaning to watch it for a while. I loved the arrangements of all the songs, including their cover of ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars.

The Ides Of March

ides of march

This political thriller stars Ryan Gosling as Stephen Meyers who works on the campaign trail for politician Mike Morris who is running for the presidential seat. He ends up sleeping with one of the interns on the campaign (played by Evan Rachel Wood) who reveals to him she slept with Morris when she was working on his last campaign. When Stephen gets fired he has to decide whether to use Morris’ dirty secret against him or not.

To be honest this film didn’t grip me very much, I’m not sure if I’ll remember the fact I even watched this film in a few months time.

I also watched ‘Crazy,Stupid Love’ , ‘The Last King of Scotland’ and ‘Black Swan’- which I will hopefully write about later this week.


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