Guess who’s back?

I’m back once again, hoping to bring life to this somewhat neglected blog of mine. I will finish my film reviews- don’t think I’ve forgotten about that, but for the meantime, I wanna talk about some stuff being broadcast on the news.

That depressing part of TV we all try to avoid.

Firstly, there was the story about the teacher who was arrested for sleeping with a pupil. They were going to run away to France together but got caught before they escaped, I believe. The teacher was married, so I can’t imagine how upset and embarrassed his wife must be about all this. She wants a divorce (shockingly enough.) The girl and the teacher had been having sex in his car, hotel rooms and even in his house during the course of their time together.

The girl still believes she’s in love with this guy, she even wrote a 5-page letter to the guy’s family saying how she loved him and will wait for him while he’s in jail. The guy has his family’s full support- they believe he did nothing wrong. On the other hand, as a teacher, it was the guy’s responsibility not to encourage the girl’s infatuation (I believe the judge said this). This may I ass, is a very basic part of the job.

To conclude…let’s just say that teacher won’t be teaching again for a very looooong time to come.

Secondly, there’s this story about Ian Brady wanting to die. To the best of my knowledge, all I know is that Ian Brady is a serial killer who, with his accomplice Myra Hindley, tortured and killed a bunch of innocent little children. He has been on hunger strike for a long time and now wants to be given the right to die.

Serial Killers are very interesting to me. I always wonder what makes them tick- how someone goes under the transformation of being a normal law-abiding citizen, to someone who, well…kills people. From what I know, many have/had troublesome childhoods- so that’s probably a number one cause.

For now, I know where I stand on the Brady story. Killing him is the easy way out, he needs to slowly rot and suffer in jail. Why should be given the right to die? Where his victims given that option? I don’t think so. Plus, he still hasn’t revealed the location of some of the victim’s bodies, which he SHOULD, so the parents can bury their children and have peace of mind.

I’m sorry but his actions cannot be justified. People like him sicken me, they have absolutely no regard for human life. Plus, justice cannot be served or take its course if we start listening to and granting the demands of killers.

Lastly, Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition for the third week in a row. If he does die (let’s be realistic here-he’s 94 years old), I believe he lived a great life and will always remain in history as a change maker. Us, as a world was blessed to have him and may he rest in peace.

Since he’s NOT dead- let’s just pray he makes a safe recovery and stays with us for many years to come.

On a positive note… I have lots of pictures I should be posting soon. Hopefully, I’ll blog again this week, If not it’s because I’m busying getting everything in order for my prom on Friday!

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