Young, single and unemployed

The title of today’s post is pretty much my life story. I, like pretty much every teenager was and is still looking for job. Each day I feel the need to get one is increasing more and more. Firstly I would love one to gain some independence, to be able to actually purchase stuff with my very own hard earned cash. Secondly, I would like to take some strain of my parents. I know they don’t mind giving me money, my mum sees it as her duty to do so even. But every time I take money from them I feel guilt, and a burden is put on me- it feels like I’m in their debt.

Unfortunately I’m stuck in that cycle of I don’t have/ have never had a job, so I don’t have any experience which means I can’t apply for 75% of jobs because they require experience. Plus, my age is a big barrier. Mention you’re below 18 and your CV may not even be looked at! I applied for a job at PizzaHut online and I think it took them roughly less than an hour to tell me my application was unsuccessful.

I think his expression says it all! 🙂

I’m pretty sure that’s called being ageist and is against some discrimination act, but wallever, like these companies care. The problem is they can easily disguise the real reasons they didn’t hire you with fake ones that sound sensible but are in fact false.

On a separate and more random note…I recently watched the films Kick Ass 2, Inception and Spring Breakers, which I think I will write about tomorrow if I get time. Results day soon! Fingers crossed I have something to celebrate with you all on the day 🙂

Good night Folks.

2 thoughts on “Young, single and unemployed

  1. One idea might be to volunteer for a charity shop or something – then you’ll get till training and shop experience. I know its not a job, but it gets you the experience you need to get a job and they’re always desperate for people. I knew a lot of people who did that to get till trained and stick it on their CV. Otherwise, try Sainsburys, if you do well in the customer service questionnaire online they take on anyone 🙂

    1. Funnily enough, I do quite a lot of volunteering! And even though it’s provided a lot of opportunities and boosted my CV, I find that many employers (e.g Cafes) look for a very specific type of experience that corresponds with the job- (e.g waiting tables.)

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