Rejoice Always

Rejoice Always. I think that will be the strap line of my life from now on. I seem to be one of those people that when tough times come along I get so miserable and bogged down in the moment I forget to ‘look at the bright side’ or appreciate the simple things.

I don’t want to be one of those people who need to experience a life changing incident (e.g. a near death one) to start making positive changes and appreciating the people around them.

House Makeover

So I hardly live in a mansion but have realised that there’s a lot of adjustments we could make to the house to make our lives easier. For starters… SHELVES, which we lack so terribly. Hopefully before the end of this month we’ll take a much needed trip to IKEA for some new wardrobes and inspiration.

The carpet for the living room is sorted, the furniture and bedroom wardrobes are next, then blinds! (Yes, I have it all mapped out…in my head anyway.)

If you guys have any interesting storage solution ideas, feel free to suggest some!

Hope you’re having a nice day xox

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