The Burden of Socialising

The Trials of being Newbie

back to school
School: My life in a very brief nutshell

I haven’t posted for a while, so I’ll give you a little update on my non eventful life at the moment. Right now I’m back to school which means work, work, work and let me tell you A-levels are NOT easy! But as a famous band once sang ‘nobody said it was easy’.  It’s a new school which means I’m  still trying to find my footing. It’s been a bit tough so far. I mean, I miss my old friends and teachers- but I felt like this change was needed, so I’m going to follow it through.

Now..onto the title. I’ve chosen it because there are times, to be honest, when I find talking to people a burden. When I’m in the company of anyone or even a group of people, I hate awkward silences so I always feel a need to fill the void of silence with meaningless chatter. Anything, as long as there’s noise really. This is why recently I’ve come to prefer my own company. When by myself I can dance around, and watch things without being distracted or judged.

Friends are fun! But I find too much together time gets annoying very fast…

Obviously I love to interact with people, because, let’s be honest, everyone gets a bit lonely once in a while and nothing can replace the joy friends give you.

In summary: treasure both, the quality time you spend alone, and that you spend with other people-family and friends especially.

Good night x

P.S: Is it me or Eastenders is getting a bit dry…again! 😦

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