Music as we know it is going downhill. We all know it and pretty much all we can do is sit and watch as it does so.

Most songs are senseless, sex orientated or both. But every once in a while a song bubbles and appears on the surfaces of the murky swamp waters which are the music industry as we know it. These are jewels, songs unlike those around them that hold personality and charm and are savored by critics and listeners alike until they sink back to the bottom of the waters where the unpopular songs lie- as all songs do (it’s part of their life cycle).

I’m quite fussy with music is decide to indulge and devote my liking too. Firstly, they have to have some sort of meaning, I want to be able to walk down the street listening to it philosophically pondering on its meaning. After all music is art, just like books and films- both these forms of art are always closely analysed in order to make sense of them and find meaning. Music to me is no different. Secondly, I prefer not to listen to explicit songs- they bring images to mind one would rather not think about on a daily basis.


Here are my songs of the moment:

-Team by Lorde

‘And everyone’s competing for a love they won’t receive…’

Lorde seems to a frequent producer of ‘jewels’,valuable songs that to me seem rich in content and have amazing arrangements. The point in this song where the beat kicks is a particular highlight for me. Her voice seems to have Gothic and airy feel about it, which I love plus she’s young fresh talent that accurately represents that generation she’s from- mine.

-Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

‘Perfection is a disease of a nation…’

Beyonce’s new album is not bad at all, amazing vocals as usual. Obviously I haven’t all the songs so I’m only speaking with the knowledge in mind of the song I have heard. This song doesn’t really require any hard decoding to figure out it’s meaning, its meaning is pretty much surface based- we have turned into a nation that loves appearance too much. Our expectations rely on appearance and for the many that don’t meet these expectations they either suffer or go through extreme lengths to meet this unachievable ideal society’s possess of what a person should be.

I love the video for it, especially the part were Beyonce is smashing all her trophies- go girl! I also like the whole pageant aspect of the video and I think overall, Beyonce is a very interesting person in terms of what she thinks of this subject- considering the fact her job relies on her appearance and all. Other songs I like: Heaven, Blue and Mine ft Drake.

Sorry I haven’t been posting often, I i’ll try to make my posts more frequent….


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