The Problem with Glasses

*Note: I wrote this in early January and never got round to publishing it, hence the whole talk about the new year (which is now currently half over đŸ˜¦ )


The new year for most people doesn’t usually kick in or dawn on them till school/work starts. Other than that there’s something about the new year that for most people brings about an excess of this thing called optimism which ultimately leads to them making unrealistic expectations and new years resolutions. I decided a few years ago not to be drawn into this trap and I now don’t really make new years resolutions.

Now…onto what I intended to talk about. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since can remember which is probably since year 5 (10 years old). Obviously if I had a choice in things I would choose not to wear them, but there is no choice, so there’s no point fantasizing. I mean, for Prom last year I did try to obtain contact lenses, however it was not successful. Long story short it involves two trips to the opticians being taught how to insert the contact lenses and then trying to do it myself. I got them in once, tried to do it again and failed so I was not given the lenses. I went home annoyed with an irritated eye.

Don’t get me wrong glasses can be really trendy and there are many styles to choose from, but they can also be extremely annoying at times.


*The ‘let me try on your glasses’ people

These are a type of person that tend to have unhealthy fascination with glasses and tend to bother glasses wearers by persuading them to take off their glasses so they can wear them. Some genuinely want to know what is like to see through your glasses lenses whilst others purely snatch your glasses for vanity reasons and if there happens to be a mirror nearby they will spend a few minutes inspecting their new look accompanied with poses and duck pouts.

*The 3D glasses situation

Most cinemas like to offer popular films in 3D nowadays. I tend not to like watching them, mainly because it involves wearing 3D glasses. Because I’m pretty much blind without my glasses I end up having to put my 3D glasses on top of my regular glasses which makes some pretty uncomfortable viewing. It would embarrassing too but luckily no-one can actually see you since the cinema is pitch dark and all.


I don’t have to describe British weather for you, we all know it’s pretty temperamental, especially during summer when it can’t decide what to do with itself. Rainwater tends to smudge my glasses, which get even more smudged if i try to wipe them with anything other than a the type of fibre cloth commonly used to clean glasses.



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