Solidarity with Paris

I know what you’re thinking- ‘yet another post on Paris’, but give me a chance to get my thoughts out on the table first.

I feel stung by the recent events and this is despite not even having much ties to France in terms of relatives (although, if I am correct, a few friends were there at the time.) The ‘sting’ comes mainly from the fact that France is so close to the UK, and it could have been us. I know, it’s selfish thought in some way, but I’m pretty sure most British people thought it too. So do I feel solidarity with Paris? Yes, I do.Paris Peace logo

Artist: Jean Jullien. A refershing change from the tacky Facebook filters.

However, I do not feel changing my Facebook profile to the tripartite filter will adequately display my sympathy. My tutor correctly pointed out today that doing so seems to have a narcissistic tinge it. After all, people can like your photo. In my opinion, it also gets to a point where it’s just an act of compliance. You can’t really tell if it’s genuine now or people are doing it BECAUSE they’re worried they won’t look sympathetic if they don’t.

In regards to the criticism regarding the media coverage- I do agree on one thing; their is a heavy Western bias in the media. This event has opened eyes much more to this fact. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware there was coverage of the Beruit attacks, but I feel it was deeply improportionate compared to the events in Paris.Nevertheless, I do understand France is very close to the UK politically and geographically. Yet, I can’t help suspecting though, that France’s power, wealth/ global position also play a big part here too.

Unlike some people on social media, I disagree with the idea that this issue should force me to pick a team in terms of where my solidarity stands. They’re my emotions and I choose to feel compassionate towards the people affected in both locations- it’s really that simple. At the end of the day, lives are lives and my political views do not dictate my emotions.

Lastly, this is a war on terrorism and islamic extremists- not Islam or it’s many followers. I hope, governments as well as civillians always remember that and are careful not to blur the lines.

Well that’s enough of me for today,

Good night folks 🙂



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