TOTD: The Sick diaries

The power the sun can have over your day is quite phenomenal. I’ll give you some more context. At the moment as I type, in the UK it’s a Saturday following Good Friday, which is a national Bank Holiday, it’s not the hottest, temperature-wise, according to Bing (I mean, 11 degrees is so and so) but the sun is shining beautifully and unapologetically.  Looking and feeling the brightness of it can’t help but make you feel happier, even if by just a smidgen.

It’s been a long few winter months of dire weather and storms so to see the sun grace us with its presence again is exciting and hopefully a snippet into what will be a lovely, warm Spring and Summer this year. (Or one can only hope at least!)

To be honest, I feel slightly like a fraud since I’ve been in and out of bed all day and yesterday. The closest I’ve gotten to the sun today is looking out my kitchen window every now and then. I have no plans today and my coughing fits make me feel like staying inside these four walls is my best option for the next couple of days, so that may have to unfortunately be my plan.

I have a tickly, dry chesty cough which is not going away as fast as I would like but is at the moment bearable. Over this week (which is when it started) I’ve been doing every home remedy known to man – ginger shots, tea, Lemsip (which is just awful by the way), inhaling hot water, Vaporrub, lemon juice, etc. I’m not a scientist on any level but I suspect none of those things have really helped exactly. That’s the annoying but also humble thing about illnesses, isn’t it– they move on their own timeline, and they really don’t care about yours.

Without sounding too dramatic I knew the sniffles (most likely a cold) were coming my way soon since pretty much everyone around me had it, so it would have been a miracle if I survived ungrazed. I read it should go away in about 2-3 weeks (which sounds a bit long too me ☹) so I’m just praying and holding tight. In the meantime, I think I have permission to wallow in my illness and laziness and feel sorry for myself as I recover.


Hope you’ve had a good week so far!

Current watches: BEEF on Netflix, Love is Blind (season 4) on Netfix.

*Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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