I have written a few pieces (reviews and articles) for other websites- all of which I will collate on this page. Feel free to have a read:

  • ‘All Things Bald and Beautiful’ (2020).

My first post for LevileTV. Delving into why more black women are shaving their hair and finding it empowering. And also how I felt about shaving my own hair!


  • My Top Child mentoring tips (2019)

Take away tips I wrote that upon reflection of being a volunteer child mentor for a year.


  • The Problem with Colourblindness (2016)

My piece for Elevation Networks New View magazine is on race and colourblindness. (Flick to pages 6 and 7.)



  • ‘7 Tips to help you get the most out of lectures’

This article was aimed at First-year students adjusting to university and was written for Studenthut.com:


  • Bugsy Malone youth production review (2016)

I wrote this on my work experience with York Press, the city’s free local newspaper:



  • A review of the University of York’s philosophy department: