All Night Long

No, this blog post is not going to be about sex (despite the implications of the title.) So for all of you who thought that, you can either read something else or read more of this. I would prefer the latter but it’s a free country, so you decide.

Its 12:02am and I’m up. The worst thing about being up late at night? TV is really rubbish, so I get bored quite easily. Well that problem should be solved since I plan on going to bed…soon.

My song of the Month: Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams.


I’m in love with this song. I first heard it on TV and straight away, the next day I listened to it about seven times. I read that the song reached a million downloads in 69 days- which  I find quite amazing, but listen to it and you’ll know why. The song is a smooth blend of funk, discotheque and electronic sound. Parts of it remind me of ‘Rock with you’ by Michael Jackson- I never realised I missed that sort of 70s, 80s sound till I heard it again…In the  form of this song. The icing on the cake for me was the harmonies during the words ‘…to give up to we are’. As a singing and lover of music I love harmonies and I would prefer using them to enhance songs more NOT autotune.

In general the song is upbeat, and a feel good song. I feel the impulse to get up and dance when I hear the funky beats that are embedded in its tune. The only downside I would say is that there isn’t much lyrical content to song itself- two short verses and the rest is the chorus.

Anyway, I would love to stay and blog some more, but sleep awaits me.

So Goodnight, or Good Morning, whatever way you want to look at it. 😉



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‘Ello, ello, ello!

So it’s the week after Holy week…whatever that’s called. I haven’t been on here for a while, but it’s nice to be back. Check out the ‘Squares Eyes‘ section of my blog, where I, a self-confessed TV fanatic, will be posting reviews and recommendations of TV shows ( and maybe the occasional film) to watch.

It’s the Easter Holidays and I’m meant to be revising…or trying to anyway. Holidays are usually those times where I have so much time on my hands I either do nothing at all, or a lot of things. Honestly, I can’t wait till exams are over. I can literally imagine the moment where I can walk out of school with my grades and burn my uniform- tie, skirt and all. Until then…I need to FOCUS.

And… to sum up the news for the week for those who live in a hole, or are just to busy living life:

Roger Ebert (Famous Journalist and Film critic) has died of cancer- R.I.P to him

North Korea seems to be stirring a global panic and threatening America with their nukes- I see the possible start of Cold War 2 (?).

The Philpotts have been sentenced and jailed for manslaughter. All six of their children were killed last year in a fire that they, the parents, (apparently) started. Honestly, the amount of cruelty in this world never seizes to amaze me.

On a positive note I’ve been enjoying the amazing Japanese films that have been coming on Film 4 as part of Studio Ghibli season. I’m not into all the sorcery…but I enjoyed the films Arrietty, Ponyo and Whisper of the Heart, which came on today.

Nearly finished The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini. One word – FANTASTIC. A must add to anyone’s bucket list of books to read, (if you have one that is).