The Beautiful feeling of Freedom

Technically, it’s partial freedom because exams aren’t totally over yet (five more left), but they will be- soon. Next month to be precise. 

Free from the chains of public exams…sorta


Anyway…how are you guys? I haven’t been blogging for a long time- I was trying to limit distractions around me while I revised. So this post, as usual, shall be a random rant.

The most talked about topic at the moment? The horrific incident that took place in Woolwich, South London. Two Islamic extremists hacked a poor man to death with a machete, simply because he was a soldier. I can’t wrap my head around this event to be honest. The extent of violence that took place makes me sick to my core, I mean imagine the amount of hate you need to feel to plunge a knife into someones heart, let alone a machete. *Shudders*

My mum just got a blackberry, we’re both trying to figure out how to use it. If you want a new phone- get an iphone. They definitely live up to their expectations. I received the iphone 5 late last year and I love it. The only thing I don’t find that useful is the Siri. 

My friend Abigail is infatuated with Leonardo Di Caprio. It’s getting quite worrying, I think she needs a boyfriend, fast. I also better not tell her Titanic is coming on TV tonight…

Speaking of films, I plan to watch ‘The Last King of Scotland’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ over this weekend and bank holiday Monday. I also hope to go cinema to watch the latest Ryan Gosling film. ‘The place beyond the pines’ , also starring Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes.

What is about people, men in particular, and periods? On Friday I went through the ordeal of having to carrying a bag containing a pack of pads on the bus, then all the way home. I assumed most people knew what was is in the bag, or maybe it was just me, I don’t know.

Women bleed monthly- just accept it. It’s natural, it’s nature. Also, If a women is acting moody or grumpy, it’s likely you’re annoying the hell out of her- not that she’s on her period. Men and some women alike like to make that annoying assumption.

I love American TV shows. My favorite at the moment is ‘The Mindy Project’;firstly because it’s hilarious, secondly because it’s one of the only TV shows I know that have a leading character of ethnic minority.

Mindy Khaling- Comedian and Star of comedy sitcom ‘The Mindy Show’


British dramas like ‘Prisioners’ Wives’ are also good but, very intense. British humour is usually misunderstood by many, while American humour is pretty much a universal thing. That’s just my opinion anyway.

Unusual Moment of the Week: Buying flavored milk from the school canteen and finding out it was expired O_o. 

(I ended up exchanging it for some juice)


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