How it’s meant to be.

Yesterday I had a moment of serenity as I walked down the path to choir rehearsal. I was on the back streets of Notting Hill, the sun shining (weakly, but shining nonetheless), cooling intervals of breeze and Shawn Mendes’ voice soothing my eardrums. Did I mention I was eating a beef patty? Well, I should have, and with every bite, I was more appreciative of the moment at hand. As I looked at the trees ahead fighting for the sun’s spotlight I thought about how everything had conspired for this moment to happen. If I had decided to go home or to a different part of London, or maybe if it had rained instead- that exact moment wouldn’t have happened. That kind of mathematics (i.e. possible worlds and alternative chains of events) I like to leave to God, but it’s amazing to think about every now and then; it gives a new meaning to the moment.

Here’s a poem a wrote to embody the feeling in such moments:

I’m stoppable, untoppable*

as I walk down the street

there is no obstacle

that can slow me down.

The wind is my fanfare and

the sun my spotlight.

My feet tread light but stride confidently.

And my worries are only echoes

My worries are only echoes.


(*technically not a word but hey ho.)

R.I.P to the weekend- till we meet again…

Howdy Guys!

Two posts in one day! Wow, aren’t I treating you guys 🙂 Honestly, I love WordPress, I stumble upon amazing bloggers everyday. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Yes, feel the love right there.

Anyway…so it’s just about gone past midnight here in London. The weather wasn’t too bad- no sign of precipitation coming from the sky so…yes, not too bad. I went out to eat on Saturday. I think it’s the first time I had properly stepped out of the house all week. I met a couple of friends and went to the O2 Arena, a massive concert venue near the River Thames. It’s dotted with nice restaurants and other shops. We went to Frankie & Benny’s, a restaurant that does American/Italian style food. I ordered a hot toasted wrap with a filling of Balsamic chicken, garlic, iceberg lettuce etc. with a side of ‘house-fried chips’ and coleslaw. The wrap was Ok- but I don’t think I would order it again. The Balsamic was too overwhelming, and frankly didn’t go well with the chicken. The Chips were great,  they had a crispy coating and were basically like fancy Burger King Chips. As for the coleslaw,well I don’t do coleslaw, so it was left untouched. I was mourning the loss of my phone yesterday evening. It tragically died on me, so I was cut off from the outside world for a good two hours or so. I would have posted a photo of my meal, but since I had no phone…I think you get the point.

Frankie& Benny's logo

My friends and I were unfortunate enough to decide to go the O2 arena on the day of a One Direction concert.  The place was swamped with girls and women, young and old, wearing band merchandise from shoe laces, scarves to T-shirts and hoodies. For those of you that don’t know who One Direction is, they happen to be one of those extremely overrated famous boybands that many girls love. It might surprise you, but I’m not one of those girls. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them, I even like some other songs surprisingly. It’s just obvious to me that they are one boyband in a line of many gone and to come. Once they hit 30-40 years old, they’ll lose their appeal, split up and we won’t hear from them till a couple years time.

Look Familiar?
Look Familiar?

You’ll turn on your TV one day and see them on some pointless reality TV show such as ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ or ‘Big Brother’, trying to revive their very much dead careers and fame. Fame is a funny thing- many long for it, some have it and hate it, others once they lose it or finally get it, will do anything to keep their hands on it or get it back.

Now, hop onto the random thoughts train…

I read this month is National Poetry writing month- so I’ll try and get some poems I like, or post a few of my own. (Emphasis on the ‘try’)

I love the store ‘Tiger’- they do everything (at a reasonable price) from candles, spices to pencils. Love it. Went there on Saturday and took some pics. People must have thought I was crazy. Funny thing is they’re probably right.

IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0389

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Have a great week! 🙂

Note:This entry is a combo of stuff written on Saturday and Sunday.



My pictures were taken from: (Frankie and Benny’ logo),,20658248_20673349,00.html (One Direction).
The rest are mine, taken on my iphone 🙂