Around the World on Netflix

International TV and film content is where it’s at these days. Although the US does continue to produce some fairly good (and addictive content), many countries outside of the West have equally as good content which tends to (frustratingly) often fly under the radar outside of their own borders. This seems to be, in my opinion, because if it’s not critically acclaimed (i.e. the winner of a BAFTA or a film festival of some sort), then there is a lack of incentive to give it a exposure by the media in the West. Films like Oscar winning South Korean movie, Parasite for example have done a great job of gaining Western exposure – but the Academy Award win does play a significant part in why that has been possible.

In this post I’ve decided to celebrate some international content which I’ve watched on Netflix and would highly recommend you do too (if you fancy, of course).

He Even Has Your Eyes – France

A black French family find themselves in an uphill battle when they decide adopt a white baby. I honestly loved this film, it was comedic but knew when to take itself seriously too. The adoption process is not one that is free from institutional racism and this film does a good job of showing that. Similarly, although I’m sure it definitely happens, we hardly hear of cases where black families adopt white children, so for me, the film has strong premise alone that made it really interesting to watch. The couple at the heart of the film were adorable and I rooted for them at every step. Ultimately, it’s not just about race though but about love, family and perseverance.

Ajeeb Daastaans – India

These series of short films, compiled together in a two-hour ish film are simply amazing. They are able to draw you in, get you emotionally invested in the characters of the story and then – in some cases – leave you hanging. The first story is about a poor man who falls in love with the wealthy but suffering wife of his employer; seems like your typical love story at first but there is more to it then meets the eye. My favourite story is the last one which is predominately done in sign language and explores two parents trying to adapt to life with their daughter who is slowly losing her hearing. I could continue but an easier option is probably just watching for yourself! 😉

You’ve Got This – Mexico

What happens when as a woman your star is rising (you’re smoothly sailing to the top in your career) and your partner decides now is the time he wants to have a child? This is exactly the situation protagonist, Ceci finds herself in with her husband, Alex. Interestingly, she has never wanted children and so her husband sets out to prove one is a good idea – something that seems destined for failure. I enjoyed this film and the themes it tackled; also can we take a moment to appreciate just how stunning the lead actress (Esmeralda Pimentel) is?? Anyway, I’ve always been intrigued in media portrayal of women that don’t want children since growing to love Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy whose storylines predominately centred around this fact. It’s still a counter cultural in the media but actually more common then we think, so I’m interested to see how representation increases around this stance.

Diamond City – South Africa

When I say this series had me GRIPPED throughout you can believe me! After becoming entangled in a conspiracy involving government officials, her superiors at work and the human trafficking of women, lawyer Lendiwe finds herself falsely accused of a crime and thrown into prison. The way this series ended had me on tenderhooks – it will definitely be a great injustice if a second season is not produced.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay – South Korea

This recent watch of mine really melted my heart. It has been on my radar for a while and has come highly recommended by friends, and I can now see why. It’s gentle and nuanced portrayal of mental health makes it a realistic, encouraging and I’m sure even relatable watch for many. I love how each episode is themed around a different children’s story and the significant investment this show makes in each character’s personal development. At its heart it’s about the power and meaning of family but it is also intertwined in a complicated love story between the two protagonists – renowned children’s book author Ko Mun-yeong and a carer on a psychiatric ward – Moon Gang-tae (played by Kim Soo-hyun, who is apparently currently the highest paid actor in South Korea!)

Betty en NY – Mexico/US

This heartwarming telenovela was one of the best things I watched over a lockdown. Based on the original telenovela the popular US TV show Ugly Betty was based on, this series follows Betty as she takes a job as an EA in a fashion house – finds herself and finds love and fights for it! There are so many hilarious moments and the production of this show is so intricate – from the gowns to the sets themselves – everything is to be admired. Do bear in mind though that as a telenovela it’s quite a lengthy show, spanning over 100 episodes I believe. But even with that in mind I was so disappointed when it finished!

Citation – Nigeria

At the start of this film, we see that the protagonist student, Moremi (Temi Otedola) has filed a complaint against one of her university lecturers for attempted sexual assault. What follows is a battle of he said/she said accompanied by flashbacks which reveal the truth to us watching of what really happened. Moremi is a smart, determined female character, I like that she wouldn’t take the injustice she experienced lying down. I did find the constant jumping in between the present and the past a bit confusing at times but there is good commentary to be taken from this film on the many obstacles victims of assault and harassment face when trying to ensure their perpetrators are punished.

The Fishermen’s Diary – Cameroon

This remarkable film chronicles a young girl called Ekah who lives in a fishing village with her dad and longs for an education. She often sees all the young school kids running through the village and longs to be amongst them. However, he dad – one amongst many in the village who don’t see educating girls as a necessary investment – refuses to let her go to school. However, this doesn’t stop Ekah and she decides to take her education into her own hands; – the question is, will she succeed? The sombre realism of this film, was saddening and made it a hard, but yet inspiring watch as you witness this resilient little girl overcome so many obstacles to obtain something many of us take for granted.


That’s all from me! Let me know if you have watched any of these or have some international film/drama recommendations for me to add to my list.

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How to save a life: My Grey’s Anatomy journey so far

First Impressions

There’s something I love about getting to dig into a show – falling in love with the characters, getting immersed in their drama and making their home town/ hangout spots your second home. Currently, I am watching (for the first time) Grey’s Anatomy on Amazon Prime – which is making for quite an experience. I’ve heard a lot here and there about the show over the years but it started when I was quite young so it’s never really been on my radar as something to watch. I was slightly worried when I first started the show since I found Meredith Grey slightly annoying; someone who seems to be in head a lot, quite indecisive and a wallower in self-pity. However, over time she does seem to mature quite amazingly and become more bearable. Nearly reaching the end of season seven (of 15 available on Prime) so, this is a mid-point review; I may have more or very different thoughts to share by season 15.

Image result for grey's anatomy meredith
‘Dark and twisty’ Meredith Grey with best friend, Cristina

For most people, this show is how is the main way they were introduced to the Shonda Rhimes (or ‘Shondaland’ as her body of work is often nicknamed) but my main introduction to her work was through the more recent shows, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder – both which I admittedly never completed but was definitely hooked on at one point or the other. They were refreshing watches at the time due to both shows having no-nonsense, gets-things-done Black female leads. With Grey’s the character turnover is quite significant but you do slowly grow to care for newbies to the drama such as Lexie Grey, Teddy, Arizona and some of the Mercy West lot – Avery and April.

Series Development

Often, I’ve wondered how people have remained with the show for so long – this is because I usually tell those I talk to about shows that my rule is that more than five seasons of a show are typically unnecessary. With most shows, after a while you see character development and story arcs get increasingly sloppy and more unbelievable. As mentioned, I’m only on season seven of Grey’s but so far, I would categorise it as one of the exceptions to my hypothesis. I like how the show occasionally has episodes that experiment with formatting – In season 7, they have a musical episode where characters mix songs previously used in the drama with their script. Another episode in the season is in documentary format, as documentary makers come to the hospital to see how staff are doing post-shooting incident in season six.

Image result for grey's anatomy scenes issy and dennt
One of the series most memorable – and tragic – relationships; Izzie Stevens and Denny Duquette

The Characters

It’s probably fair to say that compared to comedy shows, dramas create a deeper sense of connection with their characters because they can’t constantly hide behind the smoke screen of humour. They’re hit on all sides by life, put in difficult situations (professionally and personally) and are forced to make difficult choices. For example, In Grey’s Callie at one point has to make the difficult decision to split with her girlfriend since they couldn’t agree on whether they wanted children or not. Or Mark Sloan suddenly finding out he has had a grown daughter all these years – and that she’s pregnant. Or Miranda’s marriage breaking down because of the demanding nature of her job meaning she’s spending less time with her husband, which was leaving him dissatisfied…and angry. The list could go on with Grey’s – the only thing that is probably a stretch is that despite all the personal drama, the doctors are able to put their lives on pause and actually do their jobs.

The Secret Life of Doctors

Image result for grey's anatomy alex kerev and babies
Hospital bad boy, Alex Karev takes an unexpected liking to paediatrics

Every time I get into a show, I usually tend to wonder what it would be like to be in the same profession as the main character(s). In this case that would mean removing appendixes, fixing dislocated bones or even delivering babies. I honestly, could not imagine myself doing any of it; it may not be entirely in line of the reality of doctors but it does give you a newfound appreciation for their skills and ability to endure gruelling 12-hour shifts. However, it does also make me worry slightly for medical professionals, especially for their physical and mental health. You see in Grey’s that the doctors because of the bonds they often form with patients, the doctors often struggle internally as they’re forced to watch those patients disintegrate – or even die. Additionally, hospitals and clinics are always stretched when it comes to resources and funding which can lead to very difficulty situations and choices that have to be made.

A prayer for frontline workers

I feel it’s only right to end with a small prayer for medical workers currently working on the frontline, in the UK and worldwide. This is undoubtedly a difficult time to be in the profession but they continue to press on and we’re thankful for that.

May God hold you in his loving arms

We know tide waves of hopelessness often threaten to make you stumble

And that calls for help seem to fall on deaf ears.

We pray that despite the overwhelming fear you feel each day

That he comforts you

building you up so you’re filled with strength

Ready to face the next challenge that comes through hospital doors.

These are my obsessions: K-dramas



My addiction/ love of K-dramas came after watching my first good one. I say this because the first actual one I watched (Jealousy Incarnate) didn’t really grab my interest so I thought nothing much of it. With each episode in that series being over an hour long and barely keeping up with the subtitle pace, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. That changed when I sat down with my uni housemates one night to watch the drama ‘Cheese in The Trap’. Thinking back to then, it wasn’t the greatest drama I’ve watched but I was firstly, amused by the name and secondly, as I continued to watch the drama in love with the protagonist’s relatable awkwardness.

It escalated pretty fast after that. I mainly watch crime and romance shows and although I feel South Korea does them best I have watched a few from China and Taiwan. For me one thing I do love about K-drama’s is they are free from most of the Western clichés you see (particularly in American dramas). However, they still have clichés of their own. Basic things I have observed:

  • Fate, loyalty and friendship are big themes you will find in some shape or form in each drama. For instance, in a few romance dramas the main characters have unknowingly met in their past as if to imply they were destined to be together. Exhibit A: the show Cinderella and Four Knights.
  • K-dramas can be a bit more conservative when it comes to romance; this probably partly because TV is more closely censored than film (which is another ball game- you only need to watch one to realise.)
  • Female characters can be marmite. My likability for show does strongly depend on the depictions of females within it. Females that are always damsels in distress or highly emotional slowly annoy you; although I’ll make an exception for The K2.
  • No-one is ever as they seem in a good K-drama. Even the ones you come to hate/love have a backstory or change sides due to events within the drama. This adds a layer of realism to the dramas as they seek to portray the complexity of individuals; humans are complicated things after all.


A lot of K-pop singers dabble in acting also but this is something you’re unlikely to realise unless you research the dramas and actors like me. (I’m weird like that.) I also like watching behind the scenes footage and cast interviews since they can be pretty funny. For those that want to test run a series; I will be posting some of my recommendations up soon 😉 I also have another obsession I will be revealing in a part (2).

Have a good weekend.

Post-Christmas Stress

Howdy Guys!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree…

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and if you didn’t…look on the bright side, you’re alive and that’s a lot to be grateful for in itself! 😛 In the meantime, Christmas is over and New years day is getting closer and closer, which is good news for Sherlock fans, such as myself, who are practically counting down the days till the new series starts. Overall, this Christmas I was quite lazy to be honest, I didn’t really bother with cards and gifts, as I used to. Heck, I even missed the boxing day sales.

I haven’t blogged  for a while, although, in my head something’s been nagging me to do so- plus, now it’s the holidays I don’t think I have much of an here I am 🙂

I watched a film called ‘Children of Men’ yesterday which was quite interesting. Widespread infertility has occurred on a global scale. Britain has become a military state and the main character (Clive Owen) has become responsible for taking care of a pregnant African women (Clare-Hope Ashitey) and leading her to a sanctuary called ‘The Human Project’. I didn’t watch it from the start but as I was watching it got to a point where I just wanted to change the channel. Not because it was a bad film or anything but because I could not see a happy ending for any of the characters and it was starting to depress me. Apart from that, I enjoyed it; particularly the one part where in the midst of flying bullets and bombs everything came to a standstill and the soldiers created a path for the woman, her baby, Clive Owen’s character to pass through. Some of the soldiers even bowed and made the sign of the cross, which made me think of the Nativity. Other films I’ve watched are: We need to talk about Kevin, Pleasantville, One Day, Jane Eyre,The Magdalene Sisters and The Vow. Programs of the Month: Real Husbands of Hollywood (BET) and Breaking Amish (TLC). Eastenders has been entertaining every now and then.

Went to a buffet earlier today in Kings Cross called ‘KItchin N1’. When we arrived (after some hard searching and a lot of squinting at the google maps display on my phone) the place was…empty. Walking in to the empty restaurant I nearly laughed (in my head,of course) because earlier the other day I was actually considering reserving a table on the website. Thank God I didn’t because there clearly wasn’t any need for that. Buffets in themselves are a true test of strength, I think its safe to say they’re like drinking games…but for the stomach, not the liver. I usually get through an average of 2-3 plates before I surrender. Hey! Don’t judge me, I have to get my money’s worth.




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All Night Long

No, this blog post is not going to be about sex (despite the implications of the title.) So for all of you who thought that, you can either read something else or read more of this. I would prefer the latter but it’s a free country, so you decide.

Its 12:02am and I’m up. The worst thing about being up late at night? TV is really rubbish, so I get bored quite easily. Well that problem should be solved since I plan on going to bed…soon.

My song of the Month: Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams.


I’m in love with this song. I first heard it on TV and straight away, the next day I listened to it about seven times. I read that the song reached a million downloads in 69 days- which  I find quite amazing, but listen to it and you’ll know why. The song is a smooth blend of funk, discotheque and electronic sound. Parts of it remind me of ‘Rock with you’ by Michael Jackson- I never realised I missed that sort of 70s, 80s sound till I heard it again…In the  form of this song. The icing on the cake for me was the harmonies during the words ‘…to give up to we are’. As a singing and lover of music I love harmonies and I would prefer using them to enhance songs more NOT autotune.

In general the song is upbeat, and a feel good song. I feel the impulse to get up and dance when I hear the funky beats that are embedded in its tune. The only downside I would say is that there isn’t much lyrical content to song itself- two short verses and the rest is the chorus.

Anyway, I would love to stay and blog some more, but sleep awaits me.

So Goodnight, or Good Morning, whatever way you want to look at it. 😉



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The Beautiful feeling of Freedom

Technically, it’s partial freedom because exams aren’t totally over yet (five more left), but they will be- soon. Next month to be precise. 

Free from the chains of public exams…sorta


Anyway…how are you guys? I haven’t been blogging for a long time- I was trying to limit distractions around me while I revised. So this post, as usual, shall be a random rant.

The most talked about topic at the moment? The horrific incident that took place in Woolwich, South London. Two Islamic extremists hacked a poor man to death with a machete, simply because he was a soldier. I can’t wrap my head around this event to be honest. The extent of violence that took place makes me sick to my core, I mean imagine the amount of hate you need to feel to plunge a knife into someones heart, let alone a machete. *Shudders*

My mum just got a blackberry, we’re both trying to figure out how to use it. If you want a new phone- get an iphone. They definitely live up to their expectations. I received the iphone 5 late last year and I love it. The only thing I don’t find that useful is the Siri. 

My friend Abigail is infatuated with Leonardo Di Caprio. It’s getting quite worrying, I think she needs a boyfriend, fast. I also better not tell her Titanic is coming on TV tonight…

Speaking of films, I plan to watch ‘The Last King of Scotland’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ over this weekend and bank holiday Monday. I also hope to go cinema to watch the latest Ryan Gosling film. ‘The place beyond the pines’ , also starring Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes.

What is about people, men in particular, and periods? On Friday I went through the ordeal of having to carrying a bag containing a pack of pads on the bus, then all the way home. I assumed most people knew what was is in the bag, or maybe it was just me, I don’t know.

Women bleed monthly- just accept it. It’s natural, it’s nature. Also, If a women is acting moody or grumpy, it’s likely you’re annoying the hell out of her- not that she’s on her period. Men and some women alike like to make that annoying assumption.

I love American TV shows. My favorite at the moment is ‘The Mindy Project’;firstly because it’s hilarious, secondly because it’s one of the only TV shows I know that have a leading character of ethnic minority.

Mindy Khaling- Comedian and Star of comedy sitcom ‘The Mindy Show’


British dramas like ‘Prisioners’ Wives’ are also good but, very intense. British humour is usually misunderstood by many, while American humour is pretty much a universal thing. That’s just my opinion anyway.

Unusual Moment of the Week: Buying flavored milk from the school canteen and finding out it was expired O_o. 

(I ended up exchanging it for some juice)


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‘Ello, ello, ello!

So it’s the week after Holy week…whatever that’s called. I haven’t been on here for a while, but it’s nice to be back. Check out the ‘Squares Eyes‘ section of my blog, where I, a self-confessed TV fanatic, will be posting reviews and recommendations of TV shows ( and maybe the occasional film) to watch.

It’s the Easter Holidays and I’m meant to be revising…or trying to anyway. Holidays are usually those times where I have so much time on my hands I either do nothing at all, or a lot of things. Honestly, I can’t wait till exams are over. I can literally imagine the moment where I can walk out of school with my grades and burn my uniform- tie, skirt and all. Until then…I need to FOCUS.

And… to sum up the news for the week for those who live in a hole, or are just to busy living life:

Roger Ebert (Famous Journalist and Film critic) has died of cancer- R.I.P to him

North Korea seems to be stirring a global panic and threatening America with their nukes- I see the possible start of Cold War 2 (?).

The Philpotts have been sentenced and jailed for manslaughter. All six of their children were killed last year in a fire that they, the parents, (apparently) started. Honestly, the amount of cruelty in this world never seizes to amaze me.

On a positive note I’ve been enjoying the amazing Japanese films that have been coming on Film 4 as part of Studio Ghibli season. I’m not into all the sorcery…but I enjoyed the films Arrietty, Ponyo and Whisper of the Heart, which came on today.

Nearly finished The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini. One word – FANTASTIC. A must add to anyone’s bucket list of books to read, (if you have one that is).