Street Art or Vandalism?

Street Art or Vandalism?

What do you guys think? Street Art or vandalism? Personally, I think it decorates the wall better than any lick of paint could. I remember seeing this while waiting at the bus stop with a friend. It looked so striking against the night sky- I just had to take a few photos.

2 thoughts on “Street Art or Vandalism?

  1. Definitely street art. There are some particularly beautiful pieces in East London, I love to go as often as I can to see the new bits they’ve done! I once saw one in Newcastle, and it brightened up a plain cement wall beautifully. Unfortunately it was gone the next day!

    1. Yes! Definitely street art,I agree. There are some great pieces in Shoreditch, East London especially. The council don’t seem to appreciate the art very much unfortunately… Which I think explains why the piece in Newcastle disappeared. 😦

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